Dr. La’Tesha is the epitome of academic, philanthropic and social service excellence. She has been serving disenfranchised individuals and communities for over two decades and believes in helping others transform their thinking to change their lives.



Dr. La’Tesha is an entrepreneur, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author, Grant -Writer, Corporate and Nonprofit Trainer, Program Facilitator, and Philanthropist. She loves to teach students and train them to be change agents in their communities.

This love for teaching has led Dr. La’Tesha to work with various institutions in the U.S. She has served as a professor in the Master of Social Work departments at the University of New England and Rutgers University. Currently, she is a professor at both the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and the Kean University Department of Social Work.

As an Entrepreneur, Dr. La’Tesha is the Founder and President of Great Joy Counseling and Consulting Services, the Creator of Real Melanin Monroe, and the Chief Executive Officer at Erase the Divide, a  NJ based nonprofit aimed at eradicating the digital divide in communities of color.

Great Joy Counseling and Consulting Services

Dr. La’Tesha is the Founder and President of Great Joy Counseling and Consulting Services where she and her team of therapists provide innovative, therapeutic psychotherapy & life coaching services to thousands of individuals, couples, families and groups each year.

Real Melanin Monroe

In addition to being the Founder of Great Joy, Dr. La’Tesha is the Creator of Real Melanin Monroe.

Real Melanin Monroe


Philanthropy is an important part of Dr. La’Tesha’s daily life. Throughout her career, Dr. La’Tesha has partnered, sponsored and assisted numerous nonprofit initiatives globally including programs in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Ghana, Mexico and  Egypt. Each year she sponsors three NJ  high school students with college or trade school scholarships.

In the consultation portion of her business, Dr. La’Tesha has provided notable training and facilitator services to 55 nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Dr. La’Tesha’s community service includes a board membership position at Women of NJPAC. A Board Chair position at Rz the Flags, a Global Outreach Initiative focused on HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking and a Director of Business Development position at  Women Operating in Opulence, a nonprofit financial literacy organization for women of color.